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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news, breaking news. tonight is news coming from the south pacific. that hasa tsunami on guard in the u.s. there is breaking details. thatere is an earthquake a believed to have caused in the south pacific. we received our first report. here is what we have learned. geologists are calling the veryation of the tsunami significant. as an army warning was for includingher islands .iji officials of hawaii evaluated if theretion to see watch or warning status. it does not appear that the
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beaiian islands will affected. we received ago, our first report that three a island were destroyed, but that is all that we have heard. there was a desperate effort on the part of residence tothose islands to get ground and scrambled tsunami. any changes or developments, we will let you .now the satellite center, it jay korff, abc 7 news. a big local story tonight. to jewelry robberies caught on camera. the first was in virginia and the second in maryland. here is the surveillance happenedthe attack hours ago. tom roussey is live in frederick with the latest. where this happened in frederick is right in the heart of downtown. this is the intersection.
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they walked right into the .ewelry store in broad daylight they started robbing the place as terrified customers and employees looked on. it was absolutely unheard of frederick.n >> thieves burst into colonial .ewel lovers a woman isun and forced to the ground as the take what appears to be one of the crooks spray what they believe to be pepper spray. frederick and arlington police are working together people weree same involved in both robberies. there are obvious similarities. case, the thieves used mallet to smash into the cases. and was in frederick today was in pentagon city yesterday. one suspect in pentagon city be wearing neon gloves. , one of the suspects also appears to be neon green gloves. it is disturbing. >> this couple say they let the
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of the ravens celebration not expecting to come to more in usually quite frederick. e lived literally a few blocks away. this is a place that we frequent. it is mind blowing. police hope the public can help them catch these guys. authorities are not saying it the same people, but many are convinced that it is. i really believe it is one and the same. it was in this area of the that those criminals whated the cases and stole appeared to be watches. another similarity in both ran out ofat they store and had a getaway vehicle waiting to drive them out of their. , tomin downtown frederick roussey, abc 7 news. we are following a develop a where a two-year-old boy hospital to an area suffering severe burns.
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this happened on the 21,000 block of golf estates. that the little hurt himself when he got a cup of coffee. also knew, we are learning about a fire that went a d.c. apartment, killing two people inside. abc 7 was the first on the scene. this happened in southeast. live in theey is newsroom with the latest. away duringe passed this morning's fire. neighbors knew them as dear neighbors. tore through the house. was a collective concern among neighbors standing by helpless. oh my god. i hope no one is in there. they documented the inferno the southeast home, leaving two peop it's and one firefighter to the hospital with an injured ankle.
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there were smoke at the door. oh my goodness. it was crazy. there is a question as to the people who lived there were living so legally. there were only known as glenn and diane and have been known -- and have been living there for two years. [indiscernible] investigators went through where the smoke still hangs heavy in the air. it is really sad. it is sad to see someone go so fast. it took more than 70 firefighters to get the fire under control. the cause is still under . live in the newsom, autria godfrey, abc 7 news. d.c. police are pushing of over 200gations sexual assault cases.
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they have located more than half .f the case reports the human watch group claims that were never taken. officials also say there might a good explanation for why a may not have been taken in a particular incident. the statements come in response to the report released by human watch last month. let's turn to the excitement super bowl the . hundreds of people lined the streets of baltimore .o which the ravens well here was a big pep rally. in there for the festivities. >> i have been here all my life .ere you the party moved from new orleans to baltimore. all wrapped up in a raven celebration. the goodtime vibe was overwhelming. crowds got-- the
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parade gotthe longer. the big easy had nothing on .ime city today more than 80,000 fans crammed into the stadium. they fill the seats and spilled onto the field. 80,000 strong. they had to lock the gate before that marshall shut them down. john harbaugh was amazed. have you ever seen anything buthis before? people were scaling outside stadium walls. fanave a very determined base. just like we were a very determined team. john harbaugh, more than 200,000 fans at the parade today. an incredible way to welcome the super bowl championship and .ay goodbye to ray lewis thi it was quite a day in baltimore.
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>> nobody went to work in baltimore today. [laughter] >> this is a story of caution. be careful who you date. thought she met a nice man on a plane. relationshipntic an internetaunched .ar was finished, she had lost her job and her was ruined. ford tells her life became a living hell. 16-year-an and her old daughter left the courthouse opened it was finally over. after we won, i was so happy. >> i did not think he was going to be crazy. they are talking about bruce on. over the next eight months, became friends and lovers with giftsered her and even a new iphone.
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that is when he got info on all of her friends and contacts and then it started. he would send a message to std.le that i have a she figured out it was him, and ended the relationship. startedr attacks just beginning. the bank fired her. after she got me fired, now havings a picture of me intercourse with him. it is a video that he took and he sent to her daughter's twitter followers. everyone was asking, is your mom a porn star? no, she is not. next to use in porn to advertise mother and daughter for sex. men were outside waiting and knocking. >> since the attacks are coming
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boston, it wasin theiror officers to get hands on him. we were convinced she was physically in danger. after coming to slash her , police had evidence. he was caught. stimon pleaded guilty and the threw the book at him. seven years for extortion, and felony identity theft, and stocking. -- stalking. people are becoming more creative. they are diabolical. as for the -- >> it feels good. hicks and her daughter wanted bear theirmera to names. busted toots.ot they were the victims of a vicious cyber attack from a boyfriend from hell.
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>> can you believe that? .> i know unbelievable. >> on a brighter note, one of the most talked about super bowl ads. >>
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you are watching abc 7 at 11:00, on your site. -- side. lawmakers are behind the deal to limit the forms of identification when you go. jay korff has a proposal that is on the table. better comfort paired the next time you enter a polling venue if this proposal becomes law.
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passed thel, which senate and house on lines, along partisan voters to come up more sophisticated forms identification. the legislation allows for while crackingty down on voter fraud. >> this is a good role. -- rule. it will encourage people to get involved. acceptable forms of that areation presently legal include a current utility bill, bank ,tatement, government check and address,name and social security card. acceptable- identification include drivers casper, student work picture id, boater -- voterion card registration card. i feel it is unjust.
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critics insist the democratic the elderly, the , but minority -- are unlikely to carry voting ids. >> [indiscernible] >> it difference is of the worked out and are , it will not go ofo effect until the middle 2014. that will allow voters to address to the legislation. >> thank you. d.c. mayor vincent gray says the of columbia is a and the future is more promising. he gave a district address this evening. unemployment and crime are down. business is booming. .he population is growing he wants to create 100,000 more and more tax revenue over
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the next five years. mpeaking of revenues, bill er is being sued. each of contract. he was making fun of the hair.naires's maher said he would pay money to .harity he is only human. he has not paid out. voters have spoken tonight .nd that clydesdale budweiser got many responses facebook andn twitter. that the winning hope.s the foal was born three weeks ago. -- she became a big star in the super bowl ads.
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nice name. hope. weatherwise, it is still cold out. ready for some sunshine? i got it for you. snow lovers, wait until i tell you where it has been snowing. our temperature, cloudy skies. i think we will get above average before the week is up. in four weeks, our average high 82 degrees. here is the doppler. middle the last of the clippers that come through. there might be a sprinkle or around winchester and maybe some in the western suburbs. 37 in washington.
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visibility will be down around frederick. could be a bit of fogginess early tomorrow morning. take a look at the whole wide look at the mid part of the country. it is now cloud free. it is nearing the end of summer time in south america. snow is in moscow. they have this the winter in 100 years. 85 inches of snow in moscow. out west in places like denver, look at the temperatures. well above average in the mid- part of the country. we got little ripples. in the back, things are moving to the north. that is the reason we will see .rier air
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be fair weather clouds. look for some sunshine tomorrow. thursday will start out with chilly skies. right now i do not see any snowation of it causing .round here sunny and seasonal with a nice afternoon. temperatures tomorrow will be -- mid 40's.0's more sunshine on thursday. on friday, there might be some .tormy this my cousin sprinkles or light showers. might have some sprinkles or light showers. on the weekend, sunshine. 85 inches of snow in moscow? 85 sooinches. >> it was chilly out there, but the folks in baltimore did not mind.
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.> record crowd i have the very latest for you. against the maple .eafs ince now. -- ice now.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. were back on the to turn thetrying
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season around before it got too .ate they were playing against the maple leafs. been incredibly inconsistent. watch this. just standing there. he takes it away. easy.o the caps fell behind. 2-zip. the game winner. 23-2. >> you know, it is a difficult situation right now. i still believe we will win a couple more games. it is getting late early. .till rocking tonight won the super bowl championship on sunday. what a lovefest in charm city today. more than 80,000 jammed into the .tadium everyone seemed to be having a
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ball. listen to jones. he is from new orleans. he knows a thing or two about parties. i'm from new orleans. we have mardi gras. that was like, times 10. >> i'm kind of nervous right now. have this anxiety. i'm really nervous it will somehow get taken away from us. it is a weird feeling. unbelievable at the same time. meanwhile, the 49er fans were urnigng. the mornin an anchor on tape. are you kidding me? .hey put the pie in her face the other half of the bet was thatshe had to dress up michael wenger is the best newscaster in the world. is the bestr
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newscaster in the world. he previously told alabama he would play there. an auburn tattoo. in the alabama locker room when you go there. finally, college basketball. miami hurricanes about that .hould beat boston college it still unbeaten in the acc. they are unbeaten. they are unbeaten. i'm lorenz
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so, sunshine. >> get ready for some sunshine. we have a new blog. it is a lot of fun.
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ofside tomorrow, a lot sunshine. temperatures in the 40's. there might be a sprinkle. after that, a chilly weekend coming up. thank you. >> "jimmy kimmel live" is next.
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